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Free Verse Poetry

Light ㅤan armor in slow cascade
holds tempo in my breathing
eve settles in orange cloud where rain solidifies.
I stay awake ㅤ listen beyond this ear
the cold voice that bronzes veining death
in message leaving leaves unclenching
/detritus, littering force floating quickened
withered bittersweet & raw umber demise.
I’ll gather twigs, their going brittle in rattle,
the round a’roundㅤsun then sun,ㅤquieted
as Iㅤcan not shut these eyes
tonightㅤit seems too close an act of dying.

Touch ㅤ[touch]
once, in careless stepㅤbefore the air
hosted panicㅤnear forgotten days that grazed
upon our skin, brightened our heads in fiery halo,
we layered fate buttery in-between
like fancy pastriesㅤ –gluttonous interaction.
Now fortress of doors and windows greet
each day unrecognizable as sequel.
I can not close these eyes this night
for fear a darkness roils permanence.ㅤI wait

the frozen light ㅤ a pardon
in broken shadows where winter lays
mercy under snow. ㅤSiren rising unsheathed blaze
slighter days crawl, lit paled, fair blades
her calls ㅤicy ridicule against our prominences
blue our lips …and when that song on wind
blows crimsonㅤ–rowdy rile thru limbs
turning us the bony tree
reaching in leafless praise–ㅤall branchesㅤ
will chorus to impermanence.

©jef littlejohn 2020

Poet/Storyteller ~A Conflict of Words in Tussle With a Pen For a Life of Rhyme. Poetry for The Lit Up, The Junction, PS I Love You, Resistance Poetry

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